How to choose the right mobile software

As organizations seek to make their teams more mobile, not only must they equip their employees in the field with the proper hardware, but it is imperative they choose a software solution optimized for their business activities. Today, there are more choices than ever for growing SMBs. While that gives them the flexibility to find a solution tailored to their specific use case, the vast ocean of choices can also prove a roadblock to efficient decision-making.

As you evaluate which software option you should use to empower your field teams, here are three tips that can help guide your decision-making process.

The right software…

Addresses your business needs

Before choosing any type of mobile field management or collaboration software, look closely at your business process to determine which issues are most pressing, and prioritize finding a system that can fix those specific problems. All too often, businesses simply opt for the software with the most features, according to Finances Online, failing to take into account whether these features will actually have a significant impact on the way they do business. With so many specialized software tools available today, SMBs should be able to find a solution that directly addresses their teams' everyday needs.

Is compatible with your hardware

One of the most fundamental considerations businesses must make when selecting a mobile software solution is whether it is compatible with their employees' hardware. While once-popular COPE (company-owned-personally-enabled) strategies made it easy for businesses to standardize the devices their employees used, they often left companies with outdated, expensive hardware. In response, the bring-your-own-device movement has picked up steam among SMBs.

"With smartphone penetration at 50 percent now and on the rise," writes Richard April, CMO of mobile workforce management software provider Repsly, Inc., "it is likely that if you implement a BYOD hardware strategy that your employees will bring in the needed devices for your software choice."

Because BYOD does not guarantee employees all use the same devices, however, it is crucial the software you choose is compatible with a number of devices running various versions of the available operating systems.

Fits within your budget

At the end of the day, the cost of your software is the most important, as it will directly affect your bottom line. When calculating the cost of potential software options, it's important to look beyond merely the cost of procurement. Businesses should also take into account the cost of training, any additional hardware requirements and any maintenance that might be required over the life of the software.

As you look to make your workforce more mobile, consider working with a technology consulting company. IT consultants can assist with both iOS management and iPad deployment programs as you equip your employees with the tools they need to work more effectively on-the-go. To learn more, contact MC Services today.