How tablets are affecting customer service

The tablet's influence on the corporate landscape has evolved greatly over the last few years. While most organizations are just using these devices to collect data or make simple sales with a third party peripheral and mobile application, it is having a deeper impact on operations. Many companies are now starting to think outside the box when it comes to implementing tablets and are experiencing improved efficiency.

A recent article from Vertical Systems Reseller examined some of the top hospitality tech trends that are playing a role in the sector in 2014. Amongst the possible POS upgrades and menu boards, one of the things on this list is the use of tablets, both of the regular and rugged variety.

These devices have made it possible to replace paper-based table side order-taking processes with tablets. This can happen either with a rugged tablet that is secured to the table which allows customers to place orders and ask for refills without needing a waitress or by having the wait staff carry the devices to enter orders and allows customers to pay.

The fast casual sector is also experimenting with these devices by incorporating them into self-service terminals. This allows customers to come in, place orders and pick up their food without needing to wait in line.

In order to take full advantage of this kind of system, companies need to optimize their hardware and software. This can mean partnering with a mobile application design firm that specializes in tablet development or an iPad deployment firm to make sure the gadgets are incorporated successfully.