Encryption loophole threatens iOS security

The internet firm Skycure has provided technology fans with insight regarding device security since its inception. The company's advice allows consumers to make informed purchases by understanding any potential issues that may arise with new technologies. The firm has uncovered an issue with iOS 8 that compromises the ability of Apple devices to confirm the legitimacy SSL certificates.

The inability to confirm the legitimacy of encryption certifications puts devices directly in harms way. Hackers can potentially disrupt functioning apps, causing them to crash by manipulating Wi-Fi hotspots within range of devices running this version of iOS.

Many of these devices are integrated with sensitive user data such as financial records and other private information. As more commercial activity is conducted through mobile devices like iPhones, the ability for Apple to assure its customers that products will have uncompromising security is essential to continuing to reach gaudy revenues attributed to the release of new offerings such as the recently launched Apple Watch.

Security encryption are an essential component of webhosting for companies that use their sites as a vehicle for ecommerce. Financial transactions that are conducted digitally put consumer's data in a vulnerable situation. The ability to protect customer account information is an increasingly important responsibility for companies that perform most of their sales online.

In terms of iOS security, Skycure's report has been sent directly to Apple so that the company can find a fix allowing the operating system to more effectively validate SSL encryption certificates.

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