Eighty security vulnerabilities patched in iOS 7 so far

With every new technology that hits the market, there is an initial learning curve where users figure out how to use them and the kinks get worked out by the company that released it. There is also a security element to this process, as vulnerabilities are found and patched as soon as possible.

Two weeks ago, Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7. So many people downloaded it during the first day that it shut down the company's servers for a short time. Now, a handful of software updates have been released.

According to an article from IT Manager Daily, Apple has patched 80 security vulnerabilities that have been discovered since the system launched. The article points out that many of them would not be noticed by majority of users, but some—like the ability to access the phone without a passcode or allowing malware to uncover a device's passcode—could have become major issues.

The article also mentions two other security glitches that have not yet been fixed. They involve using Control Center and Siri to bypass the security code and access any sensitive information that is on your iPhone or iPad.

These early security concerns are the reason why many companies wait before they allow employees to upgrade company-owned devices or attach their personal mobile devices to the business network. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in mobile device deployment, any company can rest easy knowing the company network and information is secure.