The 5 incredible new features of the iOS 9

With its predecessor being a bit troublesome, the iOS 9 changes are more than welcome to consumers. Apple iOS 9 has some pretty prominent features that are a vast improvement and differ from the iOS 8.

Battery life

One of the most important things to a mobile user is a long battery life. iOS 9 is intended to help make the devices operate faster and for longer amounts of time. It is expected to last approximately 10 percent longer (about one hour), but a new power save mode can potentially increase its life up to three hours longer. There will definitely be a good chunk of compromises that users must make in order to achieve three additional hours, but the option is greatly appreciated.

Intergenerational, smaller updates

The iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5 will all receive the iOS 9 update, although some features may be limited. Apple is also reducing the space needed to download updates — iOS 9 will require only 1.3GB to download and install, which is nearly four times less than required by iOS 8.

Side-by-side multitasking

Users are finally able to view and run apps beside each other, making them more PC-like. During the presentation, Apple only demonstrated this feature with an iPad, although they mentioned that it can also be done with the iPhone 6S Plus. For the most functionality in this feature, you will need an iPad Air 2.

Proactive and improved Siri

Proactive's purpose is to compile all the data on your phone and display the information you need before you need it. It will not share with third-parties or advertisers. Siri has been updated to understand many more voice commands (5 percent error rate) and can act in core apps as well as third-party apps. Both Proactive and Siri combined will learn user behavior to save you time with regular habits.

Beta access

Everyone is able to experience iOS 9 in beta form prior to its official release. This way, users can help developers work out all the bugs before it reaches the critics' hands.

With all of the new improvements and updates, make sure everything is the way you want it to be. For Apple support and training in Wisconsin, contact MC Services.