Apple about to make a splash in Turkey

When it comes to Apple, the decision to open a retail store was a stroke of genius. Not only does it improve the retail presentation but also added an entirely new branding to a company that thrives off of customer satisfaction. Currently there are 422 stores in 14 countries and the number is growing.

According to multiple news sources, Apple is gearing up to open its first retail store in Turkey within the next week. CEO Tim Cook is currently on his way to the country for a visit prior to the opening of the store. However, there could be an alternative motive for the trip which could be worth more than $4 billion.

CNet recapped what could be a major deal between Apple and Turkey that would see the company equip 42,000 schools and 570,000 classes with iPads as part of the country's technology education initiative known as the FAITH Project. So far 57,500 tablets have been deployed to students and teachers, with an estimated 12.6 million expected to be handed out over the next few years.

A meeting occurring between Cook and Turkish President Abdullah Gul has been confirmed for this week and the idea is that the deal could be discussed and finalized during those talks.

This is a major endorsement for Apple and the iPad as an educational tool. Many schools in the states have already realized this and have implemented an iPad deployment to improve schooling. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac Integration, any organization can embrace the tablet.