Is the next iPhone 'going to set the world on fire?'

> Is the next iPhone 'going to set the world on fire?'


Published: July 29, 2014

If the traditional product cycle holds true, Apple will be announcing and releasing the new version of the iPhone in a few months time. Over the last few years, September/October has been punctuated with several press events that focus on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. If a new report it to be believed, the next release could be a record breaker.

According to a recent article from ComputerWorld, Apple's second quarter earnings, which were released earlier last week, have many analysts excited and predicting some big things.

"As well as they did with the iPhone this quarter, with all the rumors of a new iPhone [this fall], I was impressed with the results," Van Baker of Gartner told the news source. "That tells me when the next generation comes out, they're going to set the world on fire."

The excitement comes from the report that Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the second quarter, which is an increase of 13 percent when compared to the same time frame the year before. However, that is less than the 35.8 million that the Wall Street Journal predicted.

The potential for two new phones with bigger screens, which has been heavily rumored, has added to the bullish feeling toward the new release. Baker said that there has been a "pent-up demand among developers" for Apple to create a larger screen smartphone.

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> Is the next iPhone 'going to set the world on fire?'
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