6 ways to make your company website more user friendly

We live in the digital age, and consequently many of us look online at a company before we decide to use the services they offer. And while your organization no doubt has a website, an important question remains – is it user friendly? After all, a website that is complicated and difficult to navigate can be off-putting to your potential customer base, losing you revenue and damaging your reputation. That's why it's important to take steps to ensure that your site is not only easy to use, but also effective at relaying information about your brand.

If you feel as though your company's online presence could use a makeover, check out the list of six surefire strategies for improving your company's website below:

1. Keep important information visible
According to Suzanne Lucas, writing for Inc. magazine, a pet peeve that many website users have is the fact that the important information they are often looking for, such as your company's address, contact information and opening hours, is often difficult to find. Perhaps it is buried within in a link on the corner, or at the very bottom of the page in small text. It is important, therefore, to find a way to make this information as striking and easily accessible as possible. 

2. Make the page easy to navigate
As detailed by business owner Michael Cleary, being quoted for Business Collective, it is a wise move to ensure that your website is firstly easy to understand, and secondly easy to navigate. If visitors are unable to grasp what your company does and access the information they need in just a few easy clicks, you likely have a problem. Cleary advised using frames, as well as clear and concise text, to ensure that your brand's message is easily received.

3. Develop a mobile optimized site
Given that many people now own smartphones, it is important to ensure that your website is mobile compatible, Social Media Today argued. While your normal website may well be accessible via phone, if it is now optimized for mobile it can present difficulties for the user. It's important, therefore, to take this step to ensure that you can easily access your site on both a desktop and smartphone. 

4. Use contrasting colors
As explained by Social Media Today, one of the basic principles of effective user design is employing contrasting color schemes, to ensure that any text on the page is clear and easy to read. For example, red text with an orange background color scheme is a clear no no, while white and blue or white and black would work well to emphasize the text.

5. Conduct user testing
Business Collective interviewed a company executive, Robert Swisher, who emphasized the importance of conducting user testing before launching a website. User testing can give you a clear idea of the areas of your site that work well, and those that don't. Swisher noted that these services can often be accessed, cost-efficiently, online. 

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