5 security concerns for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes at a hefty price — both for your wallet and your information. The main reason for deterred adoption of the Watch will likely be due to security implications of the device and other wearables like it. Here are some of the concerns people harbor about Apple's potential security oversights:

Apple Watch as a spy device

The iPhone already has certain spy apps that can allow users to eavesdrop on nearby conversations. Companies with unique security concerns, like defense organizations, are already fighting against the bring-your-own-device movement and asking employees to leave their phones at home or in their cars. Such policies will have to be adjusted to encompass wearable devices and that might take a security breach or two before implementation.

Watch-to-Phone communications

Apple states that the Watch will be communication-compatible with the iPhone through WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. This opens the door for attackers to infiltrate one or both devices.

Third-party apps and iPhone vulnerability

The Apple Watch integrates third-party apps that can potentially advance security and privacy implications. One of its many great features allows developers to split their apps' functionalities in two, such as screen display during background operation. A poorly designed app could provide a wireless portal to an iPhone's content. This is a dream come true for hackers who still require physical access to do their damage.

Corporate applications and privacy issues

It the device gets big enough, it will likely be used to unlock computers, cars and office buildings. Such functions are convenient for authorized individuals, but can be detrimental if they are controlled by attackers. It would also be able to track an individual's current location, which would be harmful and disturbing, not only if malicious attackers got a hold of it, but also if marketing specialists found out how to unlock such a feature.

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