Wisconsin tech leaders name cyber threats, IoT most notable trends of 2015


Financial services company Northern Trust recently hosted an Economic Trends Breakfast where a number of Wisconsin IT and business leaders came together to discuss the tech sector’s priorities for 2015. Attendees stressed the importance of cyber security in light of recent high-profile attacks and named the Internet of Things (IoT) as an area that could present interesting developments in the coming months. Overall, they expressed optimism for the state’s IT industry.

“[Cyber security is] a topic that hits home for Wisconsin very directly because of some of the business sectors that are located here — financial services, insurance, retail, health care,” said Wisconsin Technology Council president Tom Still. “Those are all sectors that need to be thinking on a daily basis about their cyber security, and they also have to be strong sectors in Wisconsin.”

A growing number of companies are recognizing the need to protect their data from cyber attack, but recent history proves how difficult this is. In this respect, the IoT presents both a major challenge, because of the vast amounts of data that are transferred between connected devices all the time, and nearly limitless potential to improve business intelligence, information gathering and decision-making. Cyber security course providers are popping up on the internet everywhere, one such example can be found here, check them out and take a look at what courses are on offer.

The applications of this data range from observing trends in consumer behavior to optimizing energy usage. Still believes that, in the fast-evolving IT world, Wisconsin has a chance to take a preeminent position on the national stage. From being a biotechnology hotbed, the state has diversified into other tech areas over the past decade, attracting more venture capital along the way.

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