Why you should ask what could be inside Apple’s new gold iPhone

Earlier this week, we discussed the latest Apple rumor of a gold iPhone. While shoppers obsessed with color could have chosen golden cases before, now they could soon choose a shiny iPhone worthy of royalty.

Obviously, the new smartphone will not really be made of gold—sorry King Midas—but eager Apple aficionados might want to stop and think about what the new features on this device might be. How much memory can it store? Will it process data faster than the current iPhone 5?

These are just some of the questions posed by Mashable contributor Lance Ulanoff, but they are very important points. Even the slightest alteration in functionality could boost Apple sales even more. According to Ulanoff, he prefers mobile devices that are slim and can easily fit in his hand. However, leaked images of the supposed gold iPhone seem to put it in line with the iPhone 5.

"People think of smartphones the way they think of their cars," Ulanoff wrote, adding that perhaps that is why the idea of a golden iPhone is being met with such euphoria. "It's a fashion statement, even if the phone is no bigger than the palm of your hand."

Even though the announcement about a possible debut of a sparkly, gold-tinted iPhone is a few weeks away, IT consulting teams that specialize in Apple Integration should take note.

Regardless of the device's inner workings, corporate customers are likely to want to get their hands on the smartphone. Businesses that want to keep pace with evolving technology and their employees' demands will want to facilitate a smooth transition, and IT consulting firms help make that possible.