Why the iPad is a key business tool

A recent article from ComputerWeekly examined the different pros and cons to using the iPad as a central business tool. Apple helped kick start the consumer and enterprise tablet market in 2010 when the first version of the iPad was released. It has transformed the computing and IT landscape for the better.

The article looks at the specs and physical features that the tablet lineup has. However, the more convincing reason to adopt these devices is simple — Apple's innovative vision. The technology giant has been ahead of the market from the beginning and continues to push the envelope.

The first thing to keep in mind is the constant innovation that can be seen with the iOS platform. Many developers are creating top notch applications that are also major money makers. In many instances, it is the first platform that companies choose to develop for.

After that, the device is enterprise friendly, and Apple has been making this a higher priority in recent upgrades. This includes better security and mobile device management features that every business needs to be successful. This also includes specific Apple-owned solutions like FileMaker, the database platform which companies have been able to tweak to meet their specific needs and take their business operations to the next level.

More organizations are looking into adopting the latest technology, but it is easier said than done. By partnering with an Apple support service, any company will be able to successfully spearhead an iPad deployment. This includes training employees on the new systems and maintaining it down the road.