What’s next in the Apple product pipeline

As is now common knowledge, it was a busy month for Apple. The technology giant launched two new iPhones and refreshed the iMac line in September. However, in the age of instant gratification, many tech enthusiasts are already asking what's next? Well let's take a look.

What we know is coming

The redesigned, cylindrical Mac Pro was unveiled during this summer's Worldwide Developers Conference. So far, however, no launch date has been announced. The system is a low sales volume device for Apple, but it does have a place among many businesses and entrepreneurs that need the computing power.

OS X Mavericks, the new version of the computer operating system, is believed to be making its debut in October. This will probably bring with it a refresh of the Macbook Pro and Air lines to maximize its potential. This would also make sense when considering the iMac just saw a refresh last week.

What is probably coming

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, it is safe to assume that the popular iPad and iPod lines could follow suit with the iPhone and see a refresh. There are "leaked" photos of a gold and "space gray" colored iPads circling the internet. It will also be interesting to see if the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5s or cheaper plastic model of the iPhone 5c will have iPad or iPod counterparts.

The next few months will be a busy time for IT departments as many employees will be upgrading to new technology. An IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration can help any organization make this a seamless transition in the workplace.