What's new in Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft's new Office 2016 for Mac is now available for Office 365 subscribers, giving those who await the universal release this September a preview of features to come. The complete version now available to Office 365 subscribers comes after five months of public beta testing and is designed to feel more like a native OSX application than previous iterations of Office for Mac, which failed to fully utilize capabilities Mac users were accustomed to. This post will walk you through some of the ways Office 2016 promises Mac integration, as well as some of the more exciting features to look forward to come September's full product release. 

The newest installment of Microsoft Office supports Apple's high-resolution Retina display for the first time, as well as integrating a full-screen mode and multi-touch gesture recognition. These features will make it possible for Mac users to work inside Office the same way they work on the rest of their programs, without having to abandon natural behaviors and gestures. Office 2016 also integrates cloud support, making it possible to access and edit files across multiple Apple devices. The new cloud support encourages collaboration, as users can share documents with team members easier than ever, and edit them using a new threaded comments feature. 

Office 2016 is also full of powerful new features that will improve both the Mac and PC user experiences. Outlook's new Conversations view automatically organizes the Inbox, putting email threads that are tied to the same subject into a single Conversation. Also, PowerPoint boasts a fresh Presenter View designed to give presenters greater flexibility and Excel places a greater focus on visualization, suggesting the best charts and graphs to accompany data. 

With its emphasis on Mac integration, collaboration, and visualization, Microsoft Office 2016 is a powerful upgrade from the 2013 version, and one unprecedentedly built with Mac in mind. For further advice and professional Mac consulting, feel free to contact us at MC Services.