What's new in FileMaker 14

This May, FileMaker Pro 14 brought a fresh look and feel to Apple's flagship enterprise software, along with a dozens of new, performance-based features. While the software has been available for several months, however, many businesses have clung to familiarity, continuing to use the versions they got started on. In this post, we will touch on a few unique aspects of FileMaker 14 that make it the ideal system to maximize your business's productivity. 


All of FileMaker 14's new functionalities were built with approachability in mind. Users can feel more empowered than ever before to quickly develop new solutions, regardless of their experience level, making the newest FileMaker platform perfect for veteran and novice users alike. Script Workspace makes it much faster to automate common business processes, such as assigning new tasks to employees with the most availability, and is equipped with a robust help system to get new users started. 


FileMaker 14's redesigned WebDirect system now includes built-in support for the latest tablets, making apps on mobile devices as easy to work with as those on the desktop, and equally powerful. FileMaker's toolbar now automatically adapts to the screen size of its user's browser, and on-screen menus set themselves appropriately to make best use of screen real estate. This native feel is proving increasingly important as businesses embrace the bring-your-own-device model as its go-to iOS management strategy. 


In addition to optimizing its mobile layout, WebDirect in FileMaker 14 was also built to run more effectively on mobile platforms. WebDirect is now up to 25 percent faster when opening most web-optimized layouts, and supports twice the number concurrent connections. Additionally, field reps working in areas with an unreliable need no longer worry about losing their place. Version 14 remembers where its users were in a database when they lost connectivity, and returns them to that spot when back online. 

If you are interested in improving your company's IT strategy with FileMaker 14, MC Services' FileMaker training can help you hit the ground running. for more information about our professional FileMaker support services, contact us today.