What 2014 could have in-store for Apple

One of the most popular pastimes for tech enthusiasts is the Apple rumor mill. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, there is always rampant speculation about what the company could have in store for the future or what consumers want to see. It is because of this that things like the iTV and the iWatch have remained in the the public consciousness for years even though there is no product on the market. 

A recent article from Wired examined some of the major Apple rumors that are currently being tossed around the blogosphere, and ranked them in order of likelihood. Topping the list is adding FaceTime Audio to OS X Mavericks. This would be a new VoIP service that Apple is offering and has been seeded into OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 which is currently in beta with developers.

Other rumors gaining steam include a revamping of the Apple Maps application, which would make it more interactive with layered maps, and real-time bidding platform for ads on iTunes radio ads — the company's Pandora like clone.

There is some other speculation that is less likely, including the iTV, iWatch, the use of quantum dots in a next generation display and the use of a sapphire flexible transparent display for the iWatch.

Could 2014 be a rebound year for Apple?

These rumors don't mean that Apple will be putting the devices anytime soon. Just consider the fact that the iTV has been talked about for several years. On top of that, while 2013 was filled with plenty of rumors, there was little "new" to hit the market.

A recent article from CNet makes the proclamation that 2014 will not follow the same path. It talks about the fact that it has been four years since Apple released the iPad, which late CEO Steve Jobs called "the most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary devices."

If any product is going to follow in those footsteps and be the next one to "advance technology" it is going to be the iWatch. As is its normal protocol, Apple will not be the first to market, but is not rushing to catch-up.

"Pebble, Samsung, Sony, ZTE, Martian Fitbit, Basis, Neptune, Metawatch, Qualcomm already have wrist wearables in the market, and LG, Google, and even Dell might be working on similar products. No one so far has a hit product," the article reads. "Apple hopes that an iWatch can follow the same pattern as the iPod, iPhone and iPad – not the first in its category, but the one that redefines a market and dominates it for the first phase of adoption."

If the rumors end up being true, 2014 is shaping up to be a monumental one for Apple, with new products hitting the market. However, this also means that many organizations will find themselves with another technology to consider to improve their daily operations. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration, any company can be ready for what could be coming down the pipeline.