Useful features for Mac OS X High Sierra: Part 3

OS X High Sierra has a multitude of great new features. Many aren't advertised yet because they're hidden gems for now. Here's the exclusive on how to navigate the new version of OS X:

Add bullet points and web clippings to Notes

Notes is a useful to-do list app that's seamlessly synced across the Mac, iPhone and iPad platforms. It has been recently improved so that when you're making a list, a bullet point button lets you turn each item into a list with circles to the left.

When you've completed the individual task, clicking the button puts a satisfying yellow mark against it. You're also able to paste images and web clippings into notes, then select the Browse view so you can show all the web attachments at once.

Maps provides public transport information

iOS and OS X now allow users to tune into public transport routing with Maps.

It looks better than Google's version with its clear route lines and underground routes that are color-coded to match the relevant transportation lines. With details such as train frequency, journey time, amount of stops and walking directions, this new upgrade reaches a much wider user​ base.

Hide the Menu Bar

If you really want a simple, clean and sleek display, you can now hide the Menu Bar that runs across the top of the screen as well as the Dock that sits at the bottom.

Just follow the route of: System Preferences → General → check the Automatically box to hide and display the menu bar. You can even choose a screen that's entirely elegant and pristine.

Pin tabs in Safari

Most users will have multiple tabs open at once. If you can't remember which was the one you wanted and you don't want to click through each one, a two-finger click on that tab turns it into a pinned tab. Pinned tabs slide to the left and remains ready for when you need it next. Safari also now displays a speaker icon in the browser bar to mute any audio or to direct you to which tab that needs to be silenced.

If you need assistance with Mac repair after a bad beta download, contact the IT consultants at MC Services.