Use these apps for your next date night in

With the weather turning colder, dinner and a movie at home with your significant other may seem like the perfect way to spend an evening. From ordering food to finding the perfect flick to watch, there are plenty of smartphone applications that can help. Here are six apps you'll love for date night at home:

1. Blue Apron
When it comes to deciding on dinner, a fun way to spend the night is cooking with your date. If you consider yourself more than a beginner in the kitchen, download the Blue Apron app. The app allows users to pick out an appetizing meal ahead of time – with options in almost every kind of cuisine, from Japanese to Italian food. After that, all of the ingredients needed to make the recipe you've selected will be delivered straight to your door, fresh and pre-packaged. Plus, Blue Apron will only send you the amount of ingredients needed for the recipe, which means you'll never have to worry about throwing away leftovers. Even if you aren't confident in your chef skills, the app has tools to make the cooking experience a little smoother, including timers and instructional videos with cooking tips.

2. Goldbely
If you're feeling a little less inclined to whip up a dish yourself, consider the Goldbely app. Not only does it highlight local eateries in your area, but the app does a good job of scouring restaurants, bakeries and even food trucks around the country to find the most creative dishes and desserts for your date night. If you want to preview some of the things you might see on the Goldbely menu, take a look at its Instagram page. After that, pick out what you want and it will be delivered right to your door!

3. FoodKick
​Do you live in the Big Apple? Before you run out to buy a slice of famous New York-style pizza, download the FoodKick app. As an subsidiary of Freshdirect, FoodKick will bring you all of the local New York City food and drinks you could ever ask for. If you're crunched for time, you can even pay a flat fee to ensure your order is delivered within an hour!

4. Seamless
The Seamless app helps food lovers located in urban places outside of NYC enjoy the same style of delivery service as FoodKick. Seamless offers users a wide variety of food choices, from Vietnamese cuisine to a Greek falafel. Just make sure you order a little bit ahead of when you plan on eating – there's not an option for one-hour delivery on this app.

5. Netflix
Now that you've succeeded in picking out what you're having for dinner, it's time to decide on a movie or television show. If you have a Netflix membership, browse through an extensive collection of movies and television shows on your mobile device. The app is free (provided you have an active membership to Netflix) and is an easy way to locate your favorite programming or stumble upon something new.

6. Amazon Instant Video
If you're an avid fan of programming on the Starz network, Amazon Instant Video is the app for you. Instead of renting a movie or buying a TV show, Starz subscribers can stream all of their favorite programs as a part of their membership. Additionally, Amazon has begun creating its own content. Download the Amazon Instant Video app to watch your favorite episodes of "Mozart in the Jungle" and more.

Regardless of your taste in food or film, there is an app that will meet your needs. At MC Services, we are experts in helping individuals use technology to their advantage. From hands-on support and training to custom programming, our certified IT consultants have the technical skills and knowledge to help you become a master of your mobile devices. To learn more, contact us today.