This new feature will make macOS more secure than ever

One of the biggest announcements at this summer's Worldwide Developers Conference was Apple's rebranding of its desktop operating system. As it shed the OS X moniker, macOS promised to bring users plenty of new features, improving usability, productivity and security by improving continuity between other Apple devices. 

For the many enterprise users who value security above all else, macOS Sierra's new Auto-Unlock feature represents the pinnacle of that progression, allowing MacBook owners to unlock their laptops with their Apple Watch. 

Auto-Unlock treats the Apple Watch like the key in a push-to-start car. When the laptop senses that its owner's watch is nearby, it can be unlocked with just a simple click, seamlessly skipping over the password screen. What this means for security is that Apple Watch owners using Auto-Unlock can feel free to make their passwords as long and complex as they want without taking convenience into consideration. For example, a 15-digit password might be secure, but is far too cumbersome to enter every time the device goes to sleep. With Auto-Unlock, MacBook users can maximize their security settings without having to compromise ease of access. 

How will this affect battery life? According to Craig Federighi, Apple's senior VP of Software Engineering, it won't. The devices connect using low-power Bluetooth, which can run continuously without draining a significant amount of juice from either the watch or the laptop. Low-power Bluetooth is also able to detect the distance the two devices are from one another with great precision. This is critical to ensuring the laptop doesn't remain unlocked when its owner is on the other side of the room. 

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