The iOS vs Android debate continues to grow

Mac versus PC and iOS versus Android have been a battleground in the technology landscape for some time. It has been waged between "techies" and industry experts alike, but a recent report has put some of the debate to rest.

According to a report from IBM, while Google and Android own market share, iOS users spend more money by a wide margin. While examining 2013 holiday shopping numbers, it was discovered that Apple users were five times as likely to spend money through their device. On top of that, 23 percent of all online sales and 32.6 percent of overall traffic were credited to the iOS platform compared to 4.6 percent of sales and 14.8 percent of traffic that was handled through Android.

An article from CITEworld, which examined the study, also features an interview with Jack Gold, principal at J. Gold Associates. He spoke about whether this trends of using mobile devices to shop translated to which platform businesses should deploy.

"Workers have tasks to accomplish, and no matter what device they use, they have to get the work done. It's a little different for SMB where apps are less focused and directed by an IT group. But overall, if you are mobile, you have to get your work done no matter what device you use," Gold told the news source.

While Gold's comments add more uncertainty to the mobile platform debate, it doesn't take away from the fact that organizations need to partner with an IT consulting firm that handles an iPhone and iPad deployment.