The built-in apps that keep your Mac safe

While casual Mac users often laud OS X for its intuitive, clean design, Apple's flagship operating system has made an even deeper impression in the business world for its security. From malware protection to data encryption, Macs come loaded with powerful native security software that gives business users the peace of mind to go all in solving the problems ahead of them, rather than worrying about what's behind them.

When you equip your workforce with Macs, here are the tools you can expect to protect them:


While apps downloaded from the App Store have been screened for security, those downloaded from other Web locations aren't necessarily vetted. Gatekeeper reviews software before you download it, blocking apps that may have been tampered with or created by malware developers. Gatekeeper works by searching for a Developer ID within each app, which serves as a digital signature certifying an app was built by a known developer. If Gatekeeper does not find a Developer ID with the app, it will block the app and alert you that it may contain malicious software that could harm your computer. If you're sure the app is safe, you can always manually override Gatekeeper.

FileVault 2

FileVault 2 protects the data stored on a Mac, keeping it safe and secure even if the computer is lost or stolen. Working automatically, quickly and unobtrusively, FileVault 2 can encrypt the entire drive of a Mac as well as any external or backup drives. FileVault 2 also sports an instant wipe feature, which can remove both the encryption keys and all data from a Mac in case it needs to be transferred to a new user. This allows businesses to easily configure previously used machines for new users in a matter of minutes, speeding up the onboarding process.

App Sandbox

By isolating certain apps while they are being used, the App Sandbox in OS X protects the critical systems, data and other apps on a Mac from being affected if any malicious code should attempt to run. For example, by isolating Safari's built-in PDF viewer in its own "sandbox," OS X mitigates the risk of the PDF file being corrupted by a virus or any other sort of malware. If malicious code is detected in the sandbox environment, sandboxing automatically blocks it to keep the computer and its information safe.

Password Generator and iCloud Keychain

How many times have you heard the advice, "Use strong passwords and never recycle them?" However critical this may be to keeping your accounts secure, it is rarely practical to remember a dozen or more complex passwords. That's where your Mac can help. Safari's Password Generator suggests strong passwords that would be near impossible for fraudsters to guess. When it comes to remembering these unique passwords, iCloud Keychain has your back. It stores your passwords in an encrypted "Keychain" that you can access across all of your Apple devices. The days of writing down or recycling passwords are over.

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