The 5 iOS 9 features you probably didn't know about

If you have already updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9, you have probably explored the new features with which it livened your device. Beyond obvious additions like predictive search and low power mode, however, iOS 9 is also packed full of tiny improvements that optimize its user experience. If one week wasn't enough for you to discover these perks, or if you still need convincing to download the latest operating system for your device, here is a list of our five favorite hidden features of iOS 9. 

1. Zoom in on videos

Since the original iPhone came out in 2007, users have been able to pinch to zoom in on photos. With iOS 9, you can zoom in on videos by simply pinching the screen during playback. 

2. Hide photos

For any sensitive photos you don't want to be visible to anyone who picks up your iPhone, iOS 9 allows you to "Hide" the image from the Camera Roll without deleting it. 

3. Select photos faster

Say goodbye to the days of tapping individual photos when selecting a few. Now all you have to do is hold your finger on the screen after selecting the first photo and drag it to select more. 

4. Keep an eye on battery life

With its new Batteries widget, iOS 9 gives you the option to view battery information for your iPhone (or iPad) and select Bluetooth-connected devices, such as Apple Watch or Beats headphones, in the Notification Center. 

5. Universal quick reply

iOS 8 let users reply to text messages by swiping down on banner notifications. Its successor extends that option to all messaging apps. 


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