Study: iPad the overwhelming favorite tablet of 72 percent of consumers

Two of the most popular gift items this year are smartphones and tablets. This is unsurprising as the popularity in both personal and business sectors has grown dramatically.

A recent study from ChangeWave Research studied the sales numbers over the holiday season when it comes to mobile device sales. In the tablet marketplace, there has been a spike in demand. During the holiday season, 13 percent of respondents plan to purchase one.

When it comes to popularity in particular devices, Apple remains on top. The iPad was the overwhelming favorite with 72 percent of respondents choosing the one that started it all. That is a 17-point increase from numbers earlier in the year.

When it comes to consumers that are looking at the iPad, 55 percent are planning on purchasing the iPad Air and 16 percent are looking at the less expensive iPad mini with Retina display. That means 29 percent are turning toward older versions of the popular tablet.

This increase on demand is higher than normal and outpacing the competition.

"The iPad's momentum is currently drawing attention away from most of the other manufacturers – a trend we normally see during new Apple releases," the article reads. "Samsung (9 percent, down 4-points) and Google (9 percent, down 3-points) are now tied for a distant second, both having declined since the previous survey."

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