‘Steve Jobs Time Capsule’ unearthed

When it comes to Apple, it is easy to forget how rich of a history the company has. When most people think about the tech giant, the products that come to mind—iPad, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, iMac, Apple TV—were all created or came into their own starting in 2001. While many will recall the original Macintosh or the Apple II from the early 1980's they tend to be afterthoughts to the general public.

However, there are some events that bring those times back to the forefront. Earlier it was the 30th anniversary of the Mac and its groundbreaking Super Bowl commercial. Now it is something that was dug up in Aspen, Colorado.

A recent episode of the show "Diggers" unearthed the "Steve Jobs Time Capsule." It was buried following a talk Jobs held in 1983 about prognosticating technologies at the Aspen International Design Conference. He used a Lisa mouse to navigate through and added it to hundreds of items that were added to a time capsule.

Unfortunately, after major landscaping, the planned excavation in 2000 was missed because the capsule could not be found. The experts of the National Geographic Channel show came in, found it in September, helped bring it out of the dirt and found the mouse Jobs used during that presentation.

While it seems like a small thing, the talk itself was largely forgotten and this sparked interest. In the presentation, Jobs predicted things like tablets, wireless networking, the App Store and voice recognition. He also said that people would be spending more time with computers than in their car.

Apple innovation remains an exciting topic for techies. For businesses looking to take advantage of the latest products, an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration can become a valuable partner.