Siri could be making its way to your Mac

Apple's most outspoken, er, assistant, could be getting ready for a vacation. 

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple could be planning to bring Siri to its desktop operating system as soon as this year. The move would be the digital assistant's first trip away from the mobile OS it was born into in 2011. 

The report comes by way of Mark Gurman, a regular 9to5 Mac contributor with a proven track record of accuracy when pointing his crystal ball toward Cupertino. Gurman now writes that Siri will make its Mac debut with the release of OS X 10.12 this fall. The jump to desktop would mark Siri's final stop along the Apple product line after recent arrivals on the Apple Watch and the new Apple TV. 

Mac users will be able to activate Siri via the Menu Bar, Gurman reports, where a dedicated button will appear next to the Spotlight icon. Siri will reportedly also respond to the hands-free "Hey, Siri!" activation that has become a familiar refrain to iPhone 6 and 6s users. However, like the iPhone 6, Macs will need to be connected to power in order to "listen" for voice activation, according to the report. 

Apple has considered bringing Siri to OS X since as early as 2012, when Gurman reported that Cupertino had been testing the possibility of including Siri in OS X 10.9. As the result of at least four years of planning, the eventual user-interface for Siri on Mac is expected to be well-polished. Gurman, citing sources, writes that "a dark, transparent Siri interface will appear in the top right corner of the screen" when a user activates the personal assistant, with "colorful sound waves" moving in response to speech input. 

Apple is expected to unveil OS X 10.12, complete with Siri, at its Worldwide Developers Conference this June.