Sending Emails from FileMaker using Outlook on a Mac

Recently we moved from apple Mail to OutlookMail in the office and found that mail would fail to send from Filemaker using Outlook. First thing we changed to fix the problem was to set Outlook as the default email program for the mac. which is done using the “Settings in “Apple Mail”

This allowed Filemaker to send messages “most of the time with Outlook.

Some users were still reporting issues with sending mail from Filemaker , But not all the time. After extensive testing we found that the messages that failed to send were ones that contained attachments. 

We have Filemaker saving attachments like PDFs into the “Temp” directory. The issue was that Outlook did not have permissions to read files in the FileMaker temp directory. To resolve this we had to give Outlook permission to read the temporary directory. This is done using the Macintosh “Privacy & Security” setting.