Samsung disables Windows Update

Windows Update is an important software that handles not only feature updates, but also the most recent security patches from Microsoft. It's a serious problem if there's no way for Samsung to maintain its driver compatibility without disabling updates and triggering security concerns.

Windows Update seemed to be getting randomly disabled until Microsoft figured out that it was due to Samsung's SW Update software. The update tool even downloaded and ran a filed named "Disable_Windowsupdate.exe." Supposedly, Samsung has been disabling WU on some PCs so it wouldn't interfere with its own update tool. Samsung has described its tool as allowing users to install "relevant software" on your computer and the tool also makes everything easier and faster.

The SW Update isn't even pre-installed on Samsung PCs as a default setting — it's only available on its website for download on computers that are running Windows XP and beyond. This has been an ongoing issue, but the origin and reasoning is finally being uncovered. Microsoft is encouraging its end users to report SW Update as malware in order to protect their PCs until the matter is solved.

Samsung has issued a statement saying that it is aware of the claims regarding the Windows 8.1 updates. The company is currently working with Microsoft to fix the issues and it takes security very seriously. Microsoft says that it does not recommend modifying or disabling the critical software, Windows Update, as it is crucial to consumer data security. Without the software in place, it could expose end users to security risks.

Samsung recently back-peddled saying that it isn't blocking Windows 8.1 (the representative must not have been aware that the issue concerns Windows Update, not OS 8.1) and that they are giving users the option to disable or update, however it has been proven that the disable is a default function.

If this issue has affected your PC, then you should look into switching to a Mac for the next year or so to avoid security risks. Reach out to MC Services' IT consultants anytime for top-quality technology consulting and Mac IT support.