Rumors point to Mac Pro upgrade in March

As always, the tech rumor mill is in full swing with reports of upgraded iPhones, iPads, laptops and brand new gadgets like a, Apple-made television set. However, there is speculation that the device with the most computing power out of everything the company offers could be getting an upgrade, and soon.

Often the forgotten child of Apple, the Mac Pro is the powerhouse of the company’s computer line. Sporting as much as 12 cores of processing ability, it is the fastest machine available and used by tech professionals that have projects that require that amount of power.

However, while every other device offered by Apple has seen a substantial upgrade or redesign recently, the Mac Pro has been left out. Aside from some minor tweaks, the last significant upgrade to the system was made in 2011. Now, speculation is that we are a month away from changing that.

The rumor stems from a newsletter that French Apple Reseller France Systems sent out to its customers. According to the release, on March 1 the company will be releasing an upgraded version of the tower computer, despite belief from some experts that Apple will be ending the line in Europe on that date. In the newsletter, they state that Apple has informed them there is going to be a new Mac Pro released in the spring of 2013.

While Apple has yet to confirm or deny the report, CEO Tim Cook did say last year that they have “something really great” in the works for 2013 when it comes to the Mac Pro. Also in June 2012, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that the company was working on a new Mac Pro after the lackluster reaction to minor upgrades that were released that summer.

For companies looking into Mac integration, knowing when the company is planning on upgrading a major piece of hardware can make all the difference in staying ahead of the competition.