Retina display sets new iMac apart from competitors

At a September media event, Apple introduced the latest version of the iMac desktop computer, which has now been on sale for nearly a month. The new computer is equipped with OS X Yosemite, the most recent incarnation of the company's operating system, whose final version was made available to consumers on the same day of the iMac's release. Among the many innovations of Apple's first new desktop in two years, one of the most noteworthy is the Retina 5K Display.

Apple has been refining its Retina Display, with a pixel density so high that the individual pixels are essentially imperceptible to the human eye, since its first introduction with the iPhone 4. The Retina 5K takes full advantage of the computer's 5120×2880 resolution and features nearly 15 million pixels. That's four times more than its predecessor, and well ahead of many High-definition televisions.

Apple has taken a unique path in adapting a technology like this from smartphones to tablets and eventually to the desktop, rather than the other way around. But the results have been very impressive and well received by users. This new iMac even surpasses the single-core model of Apple's higher-end Mac Pro in terms of performance.

A review in Ars Technica notes that it doesn't seem like a first-generation computer, which often feel like they are short of their full potential. The 5K is ideally suited for users who do a lot of technical work with graphics or video, and should become a favorite among that group.

Companies that want to use the new iMac and OS X to full effect can engage the services of Apple support specialists who can provide training and technical guidance.