Rethinking software quality management may help Apple

Apple's software quality management has many analysts concerned for the future of the products as well as the company as a whole. Apple struggles to release iOS updates each year without first making sure that its products work well as a baseline. Some have suggested that Apple should calm down with its OS releases and focus on providing features that come at a gradual and most of all sustainable pace. It cannot expect to continue as-is without losing consumer demand or interest due to consistent disappointment and frustration. Several people are criticizing their "It Just Works" slogan for not being entirely true and that although its hardware is very impressive, Apple's software has "lost its functional high ground."

Although Apple has a stellar public image, shipping out quantity while disregarding quality and dispensing unstable and unreliable updates after the product is released does not show much forethought. This is largely due to its marketing scheduling that pushes the in-house developers and and engineers too quickly so they sacrifice efficiency for timeliness.

Apple has always been a marketing-driven company, but there needs to be a balance between what you say that you are to how it actually plays out. Marketing is a vital part of business, but it cannot come at the expense of quality. Apple is an astounding company with great customer support and repair options, but it would bring a lot of peace to people's minds if they could trust that it would work efficiently off the bat.

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