Report: iPhone 5 users consume more data than those of any other mobile device

According to a new survey from Arieso, a company that collects and analyzes data for communications providers, iPhone 5 users consume more data via cellular networks than users of any other smartphone on the market today. Consequently, iOS management should be a key part of any company’s mobile strategy.

Furthermore, owners of the latest Apple phone download roughly four times that of iPhone 3GS users, which was the benchmark against which all other devices were compared for the study.

Michael Flanagan, Ariesto’s CTO, told ITworld that consumers are becoming more tech-savvy while at the same time manufacturers are stepping up their game and producing more powerful devices. The result is the iPhone 5, with its bigger screen which offers room for additional icons and a better viewing experience for different types of media.

“This is effectively the continuation of a kind of Moore’s Law, where every new generation of the iPhone consumes 50 or 60 percent more data than the previous one,” Flanagan said.

The law Flanagan refers to is the one put forth by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, who stated nearly five decades ago that the number of integrated circuits in electronic equipment will double every two years.

There is no doubt that mobile electronics – smartphones, tablets, laptops – are getting more powerful and more impressive with each passing day. The creation and consumption of content is reaching heights most would not have dreamed of 10 or even five years ago – and the iPhone is leading the pack.

Apple support in today’s marketplace must include iOS management as well as full Mac integration if businesses are to remain competitive when it comes to grabbing the attention of mobile audiences.