Quick tips for Apple Music

The new Apple Music service that released with iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2 has some neat and useful features. Here are a few tricks for using it:

Redo your genre selection

The content displayed under the "For You" section is partially dependent upon what genres you chose when you initially went through the Apple Music setup. If you'd like to redo that configuration and choose differently, you are able to. In Music on your iOS device, tap the silhouette at the top and then select "Choose Artists For You." Alternatively, you can go to iTunes on your Mac and click the silhouette icon near the upper-right corner, then select the same option.

Once you do either of those things, choose the "Reset" button that will appear and you can continue making various changes.

Add Apple Music to your Watch

You can download music and sync it to your Apple Watch even if you haven't purchased it. To achieve this, you'll need to first add the music in question to your library by tapping the ellipsis icon next to it.

A new menu with a ton of options will appear — select "Add to a Playlist". Your Apple Watch can only sync with a single playlist at a time, so if you've already got one set to go, just pick it from the list.

When the new music is added to the correct playlist, you'll have to put your Watch on its charger to force the sync to start. You can verify which playlist is going to sync and view its progress by opening the iPhone Apple Watch app and choosing My Watch → Music. Then you can use your Bluetooth headphones to play the songs from your Watch, no iPhone usage required.

If you or your company needs help working out the quirks for Apple Music, contact MC Services today for professional Apple support.