Proper IT adoption requires a ‘disruptor’s mindset’

Every company is looking for a way to incorporate the latest technology into their existing infrastructures. However, too often a business just spends money on a system or devices that only cause it to do old things in a new way instead of finding new things to do.

In a recent Forrester Research blog post, James McQuivey – a consumer product strategy professional – spoke about the difference between simply adopting technology and internalizing it until it becomes part of a company's mindset. It is what he calls becoming a digital disruptor, which allows companies to experience greater success.

"Today's companies – large or small – will not thrive on the basis of how they adopt technologies like mobile or social," wrote McQuivey. "Instead, they will thrive only in proportion to how readily they adopt a disruptor's mindset, seeing mobile apps, digital customer relationships, big data, and other digital disruptions in a new and powerful light."

He went on to say that this process requires companies to rethink how they use technology. Companies should take advantage of free digital tools to try solutions out. Organizations also need to rethink how customers will want to have their needs met. In the end it starts with a mindset that leads to action that becomes a disruption.

This plan is far easier said than done. There are a number of different innovations hitting the market that companies are eager to get their hands on, but lack the internal knowledge to make it happen successfully.

This is where an experienced IT consultant can make all the difference. With the help of an outside organization that understands how devices like the iPad can revolutionize business practices, any company can start changing its mindset on technology.