Is the iPad Air a 'standard setter' for business tablets

> Is the iPad Air a 'standard setter' for business tablets


Published: December 11, 2013

Every business has heard how tablets can improve overall operations. However, what works for one company will not necessarily translate to another organization, forcing every business decision-maker think for themselves. Which tablet should you invest in and what can the devices actually do for your business are questions that every organization needs to ask. While the second one varies for every company, some will argue there is only one answer - the iPad.

According to a recent article from Tech Republic, the iPad Air has set a new standard for tablets in the business landscape. The piece broke down the latest addition to the Apple tablet family including the sleek new design and performance.

"Manufacturing such a slim, lightweight device frequently requires compromise. Often times, battery life must be sacrificed in favor of weight, or processing power and display features are trimmed to improve battery life," the article reads. "Apple's iPad Air makes no compromises. The 9.7-in screen powers 2048x1536 resolution. The Retina display's 3.1 million pixels produce stunning videos and razor sharp images."

The piece continues to talk about the A7 chip, OpenGL ES version 3.0 graphics and M7 coprocessor to help fuel smooth operations with the accelerometer and gyro systems.

Apple has been on the cutting edge of several technology revolutions and has been setting the standard for mobile device for the last decade. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in an iPad deployment, any organization can successfully incorporate these devices.

> Is the iPad Air a 'standard setter' for business tablets
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