Personal cloud use helping boost corporate adoption

It is human nature to become infatuated with a new product and show it to friends and family.. If that product makes your personal life easier, you may try to find a way to incorporate it into the rest of life's avenues like the office. This can be seen every day with the growing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend.

Mobile devices, however, are far from the only IT trend that is gaining fans from home. Cloud computing is following this path as well. Whether it is Apple's iCloud, Google's Drive or a number of other personal cloud offerings, more users are becoming comfortable with these services and are bringing them up during production meetings as a way to improve office productivity or are throwing their support behind them if they are already on the agenda.

According to CDW's "2013 State of the Cloud" survey, the home use of the cloud in a personal setting is a driving force behind what the enterprise adopts. Of the 1,242 tech professionals interviewed, 73 percent said that employees' use of the cloud in their personal life was a "significant: factor in the company's decision to move some part of the business to the cloud.

In a recent InfoWorld article, David Linthicum covered this topic and pointed out that there are other benefits to employees using the cloud on their own.

"The largest plus is that the mere mention of 'cloud' no longer brings up confusion, fear and defensiveness," wrote Linthicum. "Instead, it's now viewed as an obtainable and understandable resource that, if given a chance, may make work life easier, as it did in home life."

In the end, companies that have adopted a Mac integration solution may already have a leg up on cloud systems because of Apple's push of the iCloud in the last two years. If not, an IT consultant can help with the implementation of a business cloud setup.