OS X Mavericks experiences high download rates in first days of release

Last week Apple took another step toward fusing all of its operating systems into one similar form with the release of OS X Mavericks. While most of the headlines from the announcement focus on the price tag — free — there are many reasons to embrace the latest operating systems. The numbers show that users are doing so faster than ever before.

According to a ComputerWorld article, in the first 24 hours of its availability, OS X Mavericks was downloaded on one out of every 18 Macs. That means Mavericks now accounts for 5.5 percent of OS X platforms that are installed on users computers and that triples the rate at which Mountain Lion, the previous installment, was able to reach.

If you're a business, however, should you jump on the Mavericks bandwagon? The simple answer is yes. MacWorld did an in-depth review of the operating system and came away with just such a conclusion.

"So let's boil it down to the essentials," the review said. "Mavericks is free, compatible with a whole lot of Mac hardware, and makes the experience of using your Mac better in numerous (mostly but not entirely small) ways. It's worth every penny you're not paying for it."

There is also another reason why companies should consider making the jump — security. A ZDnet article covered a rumor that has been floating around that claimed that with the release of the new operating system, Apple would no longer be supporting security updated for older Mac OS X versions. This would mean you would either have to upgrade to Mavericks or risk opening your computer to more cyber attacks. The piece suggests that this could be a death nail in Apple's enterprise coffin.

Apple has commented on the article and said that it has not changed its security update policy but some older system could go unpatched for architectural reasons. A spokesperson for Apple, however, would not get into more detail about what could go unpatched.

Apple has been making headway in the enterprise space, but for businesses, it can be difficult to successfully run a Mac integration. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple solutions, any organization can rest assured that the latest Mac systems are run successfully.