No secret 4K display launch with Mac Pro

Yesterday, we reported on the official launch of the redesigned Mac Pro. Today, the slick looking new powerhouse of a computing machine is being ordered online and in the retail stores, but Apple is missing a secondary device that is needed to optimize the system.

The Mac Pro has the ability to produce video with a resolution of 3840 by 2160. However, the current lineup of Apple displays are unable to handle that kind of image. So it would seem natural that the company would also be releasing a 4K monitor to go along with it. However, that is not the case and customers online are being recommended a 32" display by Sharp. 

A recent article from CNN examined why Apple would provide a product that is needed to optimize the new Mac Pro.

"And [there was] no surprise 4K Cinema Display announcement, which means that if you want a new 4K display (or three) to go with your new Mac Pro, dude you're getting a Dell," Daring Fireball's John Gruber told the news source. "All joking aside, I'm disappointed and a little baffled that Apple doesn't yet have a 4K display. It's un-Apple-like to leave money on the table."

There are some theories. Earlier this month, we touched on the possibility of this meaning an iTV is in the works. The article offers a few others, including "something bigger" is in the pipeline and the profit margin for a display is razor thin and not worth the effort.

For now, companies that add the new computer will have to handle a PC and Mac integration to ensure it is done successfully.