New MacBook echoes iPhone design

Following the release of the latest iPhone, the newest MacBook is probably the most eagerly anticipated release for Apple users this year. Even with the new Apple Watch entering the market, the MacBook is a foundation of the canon of products that users run their lives and businesses on. The newest release of the laptop will offer users the chance to coordinate with their iPhones. Color selections for the new computer will allow customers to choose between gray, silver and gold.

The computer's sleek design allows the computer to be as light as a feather. The new MacBook will only weigh two pounds. It's thickness is just over 13 millimeters, making it easy to slide into a carrying bag on the go. With prices starting at $1,299, users can benefit from a 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor. Turbo boosting the CPU can allow it to reach computing speeds of 2.4GHx. With 8GB of RAM the notebook provides users with plenty of memory for all of their multitasking needs. The screen offers 12-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2,304 x 1440. More advanced models will feature enhanced graphics cards and a 1.2GHX processor.

The new MacBook will be available for purchase starting April 10. Customers will be able to buy the laptop in the Apple Store. In doing so, users must find a way to effectively migrate data from their old MacBooks as well as syncing their mobile devices to their computers. Apple support services from IT consulting that can facilitate this process, allowing users to enjoy their new computers as soon as possible.

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