New iPads called ‘best ever’ and a ‘game changer’

The new versions of the iPad and iPad mini have been on shelves since the beginning of November. Now that consumers and experts have had a chance to test out the devices and the reviews have started filing in — and they are all mostly good.

First up is the new iPad Air. A recent article from Business Insider recapped several of the reviews that have hit the market. Many have called it the "best iPad ever." 

"The iPad Air may be a lightweight device physically, but it's a heavyweight when it comes to performance," the article reads. "Benchmarks tell only one side of the story, and the one that most users will be more interested in is around how the tablet work under normal, everyday usage conditions. Put simply, Apple's latest iPad soars."

The USA Today features a review of the new iPad mini with Retina display which calls the tablet a "game changer" and that it makes the iPad lineup whole as it closes the gap between large, high-end tablets and a small, low-end tablet. It adds another high-quality tablet to the shelves that consumers should be fawning over.

There is a good chance that these tablets will show up in your office after the holiday season, if they have not already. For companies that feel unprepared for an iPad deployment or just want to ensure existing strategies can handle the new devices, an IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple products could become a valuable resource.