New Apple TV release on the horizon

With rumors of a subscription streaming TV service, the incorporation of HBO Now into Apple devices and an abundant canon of innovative technologies, the impending release of the newest version of Apple TV has technology aficionados buzzing. The June 8 World Wide Developers Conferences figures to be the forum in which revelations about these innovations will be made.

One new feature speculated about is Apple TV's potential to have applications for gaming support. Being able to expand the services offering to become a hub for gamers would offer a sea change in how those users play their favorite games. Electronic Arts has been receiving revenue increases by being able to offer their video games through Apple's iOS platform. This has led to the development of game controllers that can be networked into iOS servers. With the release of iOS 9 on the horizon, the assimilation of EA games would excite many users.

With competitors like Sling TV and Sony's PlayStation Vue offering users television streaming services, it is imperative for Apple to begin to offer a similar app to its customers. Conventional cable programming seems to have become anachronistic, as viewers seemingly prefer to watch their favorite shows on their own time. The sociological norm of binge watching shows like HBO's Game of Thrones makes offering a TV streaming app essential for thriving in this new age of instantly accessible media.

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