New Apple MDM process ‘long-awaited’

Last month, we covered an announcement from Apple that involved an upgraded device management system that is designed to benefit enterprise and educational users. There were several new features that are designed to streamline the processes of monitoring multiple smartphones and tablets at once.

By and large, this has been a welcome upgrade from the business community. In a recent column for TabTimes, Ben Bajarin examined the upgrades and why they are a step in the right direction.

He mentioned that for years the philosophy of device management was dictated by Microsoft because it was the dominant corporate computing platform. However, this is no longer the case, as Apple is cutting out a larger piece of the pie on the back of the iPhone and iPad. Because of this, the former "right way" to do business no longer holds water.

"With Macs, iPads, and  iPhones now cemented as a standard in many enterprise environments Apple has been listening to those customers and has made long-awaited moves to address their needs," Bajarin wrote. "Specifically, Apple has recently made modifications and additions to the processes for managing both iOS and Macs in the enterprise."

He added that this signifies an important shift in the philosophy of managing enterprise devices. These moves make their devices some of the easiest to manage on the marketplace and should give IT managers confidence to invest in Apple products as the main corporate technology.

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