New announcements from Apple

If you are a fan of tech products made by Apple, there is plenty to be excited about. The well-known company is famously tight-lipped about the new technologies that are being developed, but on October 27, 2016, Apple is expected to make announcements about future products. Professionals in the tech industry are predicting that there will be a major update to Apple's Mac products because of the language used in the invitation to the event. The invitations include language that reads, "Hello again," which is most likely a reference to the famous "Hello," used when Apple launched their very first Mac computer back in 1984, according to Time. 

There is little doubt in the tech community that some major announcements are coming from Apple. Here are four new technologies professionals are predicting might be in store for Apple customers:

New MacBook Pros
Most think that Apple's line of laptops will be the star of the Oct. 27 event. Industry experts are predicting that the biggest change to the MacBook Pros will come in the form of a touch screen to replace more traditional function segment of your laptop's keyboard. The only function that will be available to the user on the new touch screen are the ones they need, depending on what program or app you are running on your MacBook Pro., according to Bloomberg. If industry professionals are correct, this would mark the first major overhaul to the Apple's popular laptops in about four years. According to Tech Radar, Apple will announce the release of three new laptops (one MacBook Air and two MacBook Pros). Additionally, the computers are thinner and feature Apple's TouchID feature (already used on iPhones).

Wireless Earbuds
‚ÄčIn September, Apple announced the release of a new wireless headphone technology to accompany the new version of the iPhone. But the company did not give an exact date for the release of the AirPod. Instead, the announcement was made with a tentative release date as sometime in "late October." If that was indeed the case and still holds true, Oct. 27 could fall right in line with Apple's plans to actually make the technology available to the public.

A 5k Display System
Recently, Apple announced that it was discontinuing the Thunderbolt Display monitor to make way for a brand-new, 5k Display screen, according to the Verge. The discontinuation won't mean that Apple will stop selling the monitors yet, however. If you are desperate to pick up a Thuderbolt Display before they are replaced with the new 5k Display, they are still available for purchase in Apple Stores until they run out of equipment. Since the company plans on selling the displays that are already manufactured, industry professionals don't expect the 5k Display technology to be released until 2017.

New iMacs
‚ÄčAlthough three laptops are expected to be released at Apple's event, the same cannot be expected of the desktop series. The new updates to Apple's iMacs aren't expected to be released until early 2017 (like the 5k Display), according to ZD Net.

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