Movie magic helped by FileMaker

When most people think about database solutions, they get a picture of ones and zeros being used to house mountains of information. While this is the traditional use of these kinds of systems, it is far from the only way companies have been able to improve overall operations with the right software solution.

For instance, a recent article from CBR Online profiled Framestore, a London-based visual effects company. The organization has helped create movie magic for Oscar winning and critically acclaimed films like "Gravity," "The Dark Knight" and "Skyfall." It also used FileMaker to handle all of its production information and save thousands of dollars in the process.

According to Alex Jackson, a software developer at Framestore, the flexibility of FileMaker makes it possible for hundreds of people to access data that is constantly evolving. On top of that, many organizations in the film and TV sector are using FileMaker, so partners that also use the solution makes it much easier for companies to work seamlessly on projects in real-time.

Because this data can be accessed on mobile devices as well as computers, teams can view sequences on the go and make necessary changes on the go.

"For example, a dragon's foot may be too wide once the actor's sequence is shot – this information can be fed back to the artist, who can adapt the effect, allowing for any re-shoots to be done almost immediately," said Jackson.

With the help of a FileMaker database development firm, any company will be able to improve overall operations that are needed in this process.