More companies expected to drop BlackBerry in coming months

A report from a Deutsche Bank analyst regarding the rise of software management companies indicates the bank's belief that a growing number of businesses could stop using BlackBerry as their preferred mobile device, switching instead to devices mad by Apple or Google, both of which will be releasing new operating systems before the end of the calendar year. In particular, the report states that companies are likely to turn to Apple, as the new iOS 8 is expected to feature significantly improved security characteristics.

The report cites the head of IT at an unnamed large corporation, who gives three reasons why BlackBerry's ongoing decline will extend to the business world:

  • A lack of confidence in BlackBerry Limited's financial ability to develop new devices, after last year's plan by Fairfax Financial to buy the company for $4.7 billion fell through.
  • Concerns about BlackBerry's means to keep up with its competitors in the app development and mobile device management (MDM) areas.
  • User preference, since research from the International Data Corporation shows that most individuals prefer the iPhone over the BlackBerry.

The change could affect businesses of all sizes, many of which will seek MDM assistance in carrying out the migration away from BlackBerry. A provider of comprehensive technology solutions can help make the transition to a new mobile device smooth, and if the new iPhone is the chosen substitute, as Deutsche Bank's report suggests it will be in most cases, specific Apple consulting is available as well.

Nowadays, technology planning is a vital component of the operations of any business, and for those that choose to use a single mobile provider for their employees' convenience, it's very important to know and understand the pros and cons of each option. If the report from one of the world's leading financial institutions is to be believed, the iPhone's pros are fast outweighing the BlackBerry's.