More Airlines deploying iPad based flight bags

One of the biggest draws of the iPad when it comes to the education landscape is the ability to replace heavy, outdated textbooks with digital copies. Not only are student's backs happy, but it also allows them access to multiple forms of content as educational textbooks can incorporate video and high resolution images into the version that is offered on the iPad.

There are many other industries that are using the digital approach brought on by the iPad as a way to improve overall operations by converting paper records and files into a digital format. One unlikely leader in this has been the Airline sector, as more companies are swapping out the flight bag with an electric version. These bags are a collection of aircraft operating manuals, flight-crew operating manual and navigation charts, and can weigh 40 pounds.

By putting all of this onto an iPad, the airline saves space in the cockpit and reduces the weight of the plane, which saves money — an estimated $13 million per year for Delta, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

A recent article from AppleInsider reported that Gulf Air, Bahrain's flagship air carrier, will be deploying iPads in its entire fleet.

"At Gulf Air we always endeavor to leverage the latest technologies in order to improve the efficiency of the airline's operations and provide better services to our passengers," Gulf Air Director Information Technology, Dr. Jassim Haji, told the news source. "This collaboration ensures we deliver the latest technology to our team and, as a result, to our passengers."