Mobile devices impacting every aspect of running a small business

If you walk into any number of retailers, you will notice an influx of mobile devices being used by sales associates to help answer customers' needs. From looking up product information to completing transactions anywhere in the store, the mobile sense of business is taking root in retail. However, that is far from the only place where tablets and smartphones are making a difference.

A recent article from Technology Guide profiled the numerous ways that small businesses in a number of different sectors are benefiting from the use of mobile devices.

Kimberly Eddleston, a professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Northeastern University, told the news source that many small business are using smartphones and tablets to handle everything from transactions to administrative tools thanks to the use of a wide array of mobile applications. Adding that many industries are finding new uses for mobile devices like tracking billable hours, handling employee expenses and managing inventory levels.

"I've seen interior designers use tablets to alter images in real time to show potential customers their designs, while some entrepreneurs use iPads at tradeshows to show demos of products," says Eddleston. "It's making things a lot easier for small businesses."

She added that the price point for mobile devices is low when compared to the well of benefits. Implementing these devices into a complete business solution, however, takes more than just shelling out some dollars for the tablet or smartphones and some apps. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that is experienced with iPad deployment, you can ensure every aspect is taken into account.