Mobile devices can handle ‘real work’ for businesses

In today's corporate landscape, the use of mobile devices has increased over the last few years. This has been pushed by the creation of the smartphone and tablet which have sparked an increasingly mobile world. While it is easier than ever for individuals to stay connected, there has been a question of how many business critical tasks can be handled solely on these devices.

A recent CITEworld column by Ron Miller examined this idea and makes the proclamation that employees no longer need a PC to do "real work."

"A notion persists among many analysts, IT pros, and even users that you can't work productively on a mobile device, especially smartphones because of input and screen size limitations," Miller wrote. "I believe this is a false premise based mostly on a lack of imagination about the ways we work, especially when thinking about Microsoft Office and heavyweight enterprise applications."

He goes on to look at how, with the right applications and infrastructure support, mobile devices can not only be a supplemental tool, but also become the main device workers use to accomplish daily tasks. Miller mentions real estate agencies, insurance salespeople and HR departments having a wealth of information at their fingertips.

This is just the beginning of mobile devices in the office and a workforce running entirely through iPads and iPhones is not out of realm of possibilities. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in incorporating mobile devices into company operations, any organization can start to unplug their operations.