Macintosh computer turns 30

Earlier this month, we covered the seventh birthday of the iPhone. This device that helped jumpstart the mobility trend that has become a standard in today's business landscape. However, an even more important anniversary for Apple is being celebrated this week.

On January 24, 1984, a bow-tied and suited Steve Jobs took the stage at the Flint Center in Cupertino for a highly anticipated press event. Speculation was high as the organization had just released the now famous "1984" Super Bowl commercial that depicted a hammer thrower destroying big brother and announcing that the first Macintosh would be unveiled.

A recent article from Mercury News profiled the 30-year anniversary and spoke with some of the original team members. The piece calls this moment not only a key point for Silicon Valley and computing history but also a "watershed moment in world history."

"Nowadays, it's obvious that computers are part of the everyday lives of virtually everybody; and the Macintosh was the turning point," Andy Hertzfeld, a member of the original Mac team, told the news source.

The original computer was a "computer for the rest of us," that had a price point and learning curve that was designed for regular people. It was created as a personal computer that should be in every home.

Today, Apple is one of the top companies in the world and its technology is powering organizations big and small. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac Integration, any organization can deploy cutting edge technology to take its business to the next level.