Mac sales reach record high despite stumbling PC market

Earlier this year, the International Data Corporation (IDC) found personal computer sales down almost 12 percent worldwide. PC shipments have followed suit, declining for 15 consecutive quarters.

It would seem as if no one told Apple.

Despite the shrinking personal computer market, Apple sold a record number of Macs last quarter, its 5.7 million units up one million from last quarter. As if that wasn't enough, the record quarter pushed total Mac sales up above 20 million in a single fiscal year for the first time.

To explain how the brand has been able to gain ground despite sailing into a head wind, Apple credits the success of the all-new MacBook Pro, released this March. "Mac growth was driven by the great customer response to our new MacBook and sales of the MacBook Pro also remained strong," Apple's chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, said during this month's quarterly earnings call.

Holding a relatively steady average selling price, the boost in sales had a massive effect on the Mac's profitability. Last quarter, revenue from Mac sales reached almost $6.9 billion, representing 13.4 percent of Apple's total quarterly revenue of $51.5 billion, Mac's largest share since last year.

The $6.9 billion Mac was responsible for last quarter alone was more than the entire company took in the third quarter of 2007, when it first announced the iPhone.

In continuing its its meteoric run of popularity, Mac sales are creeping ever-closer to sliding iPad sales. While the 9.8 million iPads sold last quarter are still more than the number of Macs sold, the two totals are closer to one another now than they have been since 2012.

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