Looking under the hood of the potential iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S has already caused quite the stir with rumors over the last week of a gold model being released along with the traditional white and black that customers are accustomed to. However, that is far from the only color and feature rumor that has the blogosphere buzzing.

According to CNet, there is another color in the works and a gray or graphite model could be it. The article cites Sonny Dickson, a long-time Apple tracker, who posted several "leaked" images of the new model on his website. It appears to be a gray iPhone 5S with black trim, which will launch along with the other colors and could be unveiled next month.

While colors are fun, as we mentioned last week, it is really what's under the hood that should be focused on. There are a number of rumors starting to gain prominence that involve the specs of the latest smartphone. One of the biggest ones, according to the International Business times, is inclusion of the new A7 chip which will allow the device to run 31 percent faster.

This will be needed to successfully use the "motion-tracking" capabilities that could become a standard feature. Much like the control scheme of the Galaxy S, the feature will allow users to control their device by moving their hand without touching the screen.

Other features that could be included in the iPhone 5S

One of the hardest decisions that customers make when purchasing a new iPhone is determining how much storage space they need. That could be getting more complicated as there is speculation that the new model could expand all the way up to 128GB of flash storage. That would double the current high of 64GB and equals the smaller end of the MacBook Air computer line.

On top of that, there is also talk of a traditional upgrade of the camera, which would include a larger f/2.0 aperture with a dual LED flash. This will provide better image quality and low-light performance.

The fingerprint scanner in the home button could be a massive boost to the possibilities of mainstreaming biometric technology. This would add an extra level of security to electronic mobile payments and the cloud.

It will be another few weeks until it is known how accurate the rumor mill actually is. In past years, it has hit more often than it misses, and while this has Apple enthusiasts excited, IT departments should take this time to get ready for a potential influx in employees that want a Mac Integration when they bring  their new iPhone into the office.